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Growing and processing the Kona

They bloom in February and March, small white flowers known as “Kona Snow” cover the tree. Green berries appear in April. By late August, red fruit, called “cherry” because of resemblance to the fruit, start to ripen for picking. Each tree is best hand-picked several times between August and January, provides around 15 pounds of cherry, which result in about two pounds when roasted.

Best 100% pure Kona coffee beans are run through a pulper within 24 hours of picking, the cherries. They are separated from the pulp to different degrees and then placed overnight in a fermentation tanks again the best Kona beans is fermented. The best fermentation time is about 12 hours at low elevation or best 24 at higher elevation. The seeds are rinsed and spread to dry on a hoshidana or drying rack. Traditional hoshidanas have a rolling roof, best to cover them in rain. It takes seven to 14 days to dry seeds to an optimal moisture level of between 10 and 13% (by Department of Agriculture regulations: 9.0-12.0%). From here, the best Kona coffee is stored as “pergamino” or in it’s parchment. The parchment is best milled off prior to roasting.

Best types of Kona online

The Kona is classified by law according to seed. Type 1 Kona consist of two seeds per pergamino, flat on one side, oval on the other. Type II Kona consist of one round bean in these cherries, otherwise known as peaberry. Further grading of these best types of Kona depends on size, moisture content, and purity of bean. The grades I of Kona is ‘Extra Fancy’, ‘Fancy’, ‘1st’, Select’, and ‘Kona Prime’. The grades of II Kona are ‘Peaberry ‘1st’ and ‘Prime’. Also, a lower grade, called ‘3rd’ (or ‘Triple X’) can not legally be labeled as “best hawaiian isles kona coffee” but as ‘Hawaiian’. Not an official classification grade, but commonly used by best farmers, is the Estate grade where the various grades are not being separated from each other. Only the ‘Number 3’ and ‘Off-grade’ is being sorted out.

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